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Kemo Module 4-Kanaals computerschakelaar | M104

M104 | ***V3 | 16052015
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...for switching up to 4 different appliances, lamps or motors by means of a computer program. Consumers with operating voltages of 6...24V, max. 2A direct current can be controlled. By means of the enclosed software it is possible to switch on and off appliances at certain times, specific switching sequences (also for several days) can be programmed, running light effects etc. The module is connected at the printer port of a standard PC.

Download of the control software:

  • m104d.exe for DOS
  • ksi8_winall.exe for Windows
  •, new Version for WIN9x, WIN2K, WINXP, Vista (also 64bit) with Source-Code!

Connectionat the printer port of the computer at the LPT1 port with built-in 25-pole SB-D plug
Switching outputsvia a built-in 25-pole SUB-D socket board
Loading capacity per channel6...24 V= max. 2 A total current connected simultaneously.
Triggeringvia the enclosed PC software MS-DOS or WIN XX or XP. The extensive software allows many different triggerings, triggering programs that can be saved,
switch clock functions, etc.
Displayindication of the switching condition via 4 built-in LEDs
Separation PC / loadvia 4 optocouplers
Dimensionsapprox. 73 x 56 x 30 mm