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M 016 ***V1 16052015
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Kemo Module Luidspekerscheidingsfilter | M016

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For one bass speaker, mid speaker and one or two tweeter.

Max load 120 W
Filter frequencies app. 800 / 5000 Hz
Edge steepness app. 6 dB
For loudspeaker 4 - 8 Ohm
Dimensions approx. 67 x 65 x 37 mm

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KEMM013N 08052017
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Kemo Schemerschakelaar module 240Vac| M013N

Deze elektronische schemerschakelaar schakelt via een ingebouwd relais automatisch lampen ( bijv. energie zuinige lampen) of andere apparaten in bij schemering en bij aanbreken van de dag weer uit. Deze module kan ook omgekeerd werken. Er kan potentiaal vrij tot 3A geschakeld worden.
Voedingsspanning: 210...240V
Stroomopname: < 40 mA
Schakelcontact ( potentiaal vrij): 1 x om max. 3A bij Ohmse belasting, en bij inductieve belasting max. 1A
Inschakelgevoeligheid: ca. 10 lux +/- 50%
Uitschakel gevoeligheid: ca. 60 lux +/- 50%
Reactie tijd: ca. 30 seconden +/- 50%
Temperatuur bereik: ca. -15...+40 graden
Afmeting: ca. 70 x 60 x 22 mm zonder bevestigingsogen
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M057 ***V2 18052015
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Kemo Module Automatisch accu lader | M057

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Constant current charger for accumulators 1,2 - 18 V/DC. Reversible charging currents (depending on the accumulator): 0,01 - 1 A. The charging current adjusts automatically. A transformer is required, too, which has ca. 10 V more voltage than the accumulator. For all accumulators which may be charged with constant current: e.g. NiCd, NiMH, lead or gel accumulators.
Not suitable for lithium ion accumulators!

Accumulators capable of being charged 1,2 - 18 V/DC NiCd, NiMH, lead and gel accumulators, not for lithium ion accumulators!
Charging current constant charging current adjustable in steps ca. 10 - 20 - 50 - 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 mA
Required transformer AC always 10 V higher than the voltage of the accumulator to be charged, max. 28 V. The maximum output current of the transformer should be higher than the desired charging current of the accumulator.
Dimensions ca. 53 x 45 x 21 mm

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M104 ***V3 16052015
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Kemo Module 4-Kanaals computerschakelaar | M104

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...for switching up to 4 different appliances, lamps or motors by means of a computer program. Consumers with operating voltages of 6...24V, max. 2A direct current can be controlled. By means of the enclosed software it is possible to switch on and off appliances at certain times, specific switching sequences (also for several days) can be programmed, running light effects etc. The module is connected at the printer port of a standard PC.

Download of the control software:

Connection at the printer port of the computer at the LPT1 port with built-in 25-pole SB-D plug
Switching outputs via a built-in 25-pole SUB-D socket board
Channels 4
Loading capacity per channel 6...24 V= max. 2 A total current connected simultaneously.
Triggering via the enclosed PC software MS-DOS or WIN XX or XP. The extensive software allows many different triggerings, triggering programs that can be saved,
switch clock functions, etc.
Display indication of the switching condition via 4 built-in LEDs
Separation PC / load via 4 optocouplers
Dimensions approx. 73 x 56 x 30 mm

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M136 ***V1 18052015
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Kemo Module LED signaal lamp rood 12Vdv | M136

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Signal lamp equipped with 39 very bright red LED's. Potted electronics for rough use in industry, machine halls or for the discotheque at home, medical practice etc. Fastening: surface with 2 screw loops.

Operating voltage 12 V/dc
Current consumption < 150mA
Dimensions ca. Ø 51 mm, 51 mm long