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STD5NK50ZT4 MOSFET N-ch 500V 4.4A TO-252 DPAK

STD5NK50ZT4 | 10042021
    Levertijd:geen voorraad artikel 3-4 werkdagen
  • Type: MOSFET

    STD5NK50ZT4 is a SuperMESH™ N-channel Zener-protected MOSFET obtained through an extreme optimization of ST's well established strip-based PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to pushing ON-resistance significantly down, special care is taken to ensure a very good dV/dt capability for the most demanding applications. The series complements full range of high voltage MOSFETs including revolutionary MDmesh™ products

  • Polariteit transistor: N-Channel
  • Behuizing: TO-252 (DPAK) SMD
  • Vds doorslagspanning : 500 V 
  • Vgs doorslagspanning : 3.75 V
  • Vdg doorslagspanning: -- V 
  • ID continue afvoerstroom: 4.4 A
  • Ig Gate stroom:  nA 
  • Pd vermogenverlies: 70W 
  • Bedrijfs temperatuurbereik: -65 to +150°C
  • Versterking Bandbreedte Product fT: -
  • Recovery time Trr:  ns
  • Closing resistance Rds(on): 1.5 Ohm
  • Montagetype: Surface Mount SMD